My first ever group of foster kittens – rescued from a local farm

Right now I am fostering seven little kittens that were found dumped on a farm. There are still 4 or 5 more kittens out there that I will be getting as soon as we can catch the little buggers! There were also three female adult cats found that went through the TNR program so they will not be having any more kittens. They will be ear tipped and will stay on at the farm. All the kittens will come to me so I can socialize them with humans so they can be adopted.

The first item I bought when I decided to foster was this mesh playpen shown in the video. It’s a good starter and it only cost me $25 from Walmart online. You can see who the class clown is in this video! It’s the grey and white kitten, Bert. He loves to play and he keeps all the other kittens entertained!

First blog post

This is my very first post, and this is also my very first blog ever. I started this blog because I recently became a volunteer with the Homeless Cat Management Team and their sister organization, Pittsburgh C.A.T. I decided to start this blog to keep track of the stories of the kittens I am fostering, their progress, and of course to have a place to post pictures of these cuties!

I also created this blog as an informational resource for other fosters, volunteers, and anyone who would like to learn more about cats and kittens, the importance of spaying and neutering your pets, and to show how the TNR program works! I will be posting things that I have learned, links to other helpful websites or videos, and links to any good deals on kitten supplies and products I have found to be very helpful with my foster babies. Happy fostering!

Abby and Bert chillin'
Here is calico Abby Cadabby hanging out with her brother Bert in a little cat bed. I converted from an Ikea doll bed to a kitten bed. More to come on the bed in another post . . .