Links to some of my favorite websites!

A good friend of mine recently opened up her own rescue and cat lounge! Going forward I will be helping her by fostering some of the kittens for her rescue: Kitty Queen Cat Rescue.

Not only is Kitty Queen Cat Rescue a cat rescue, it is also a Kitty Lounge! You can go and pay by the hour to hang out with all of the loving cats in the Kitty Lounge. Many of the cats in the lounge are available for adoption. Kitty Queen Cat Rescue also has lots of events with the cats, such as yoga, coloring, mewvie night, and manicures! If you are near the Kennedy/Robinson area of Pittsburgh, you should really stop by and check them out!

I also recently signed up as a secondary to foster with Beaver County Humane Society. They have the best prices on feral TNR surgeries in the area, only $30!

I also volunteer with: Homeless Cat Management of Pittsburgh

  • Their sister organization is Pittsburgh C.A.T. who are made up of foster mom’s (like me!): Pittsburgh CAT on Facebook
  • This is a listing of their adoptable cats and kittens: Pittsburgh CAT on PetFinder
  • If you click this link to order from Chewy and you are a new customer, they will donate $20 to the Homeless Cat Management Team: Chewy Pet Supplies

The Kitten Lady 

– the Kitten Lady has lots of great videos on fostering and trapping cats and kittens.

Urban Cat League’s tips on Taming Feral Cats and Kittens