Happy Endings!

Everyone asks me how I can foster kittens and give them away. They ask me if it’s hard. The answer is YES, it is very very hard to do! But I know I can’t keep them all, and I look at it as I am saving lives! Many shelters and rescues don’t have the manpower to spend the time needed with feral hissy kittens, or bottle babies (with or without mothers). Sadly in many cases these poor kittens cannot be taken in, or they are taken in and humanely euthanized. But with foster moms (or dads) like me, we take these kittens into our homes and care for them and socialize them until they are ready for adoption. Without people to foster, many kittens would never have a chance at life, or may of ended up becoming a feral themselves living outside.

The goal of fostering is GOODBYE! Yes I cry, sometimes for days when my babies leave me, but I focus on the fact that I saved their lives and I try to save as many more kittens as I can. It’s very very helpful when the adoptive families send me photographs and email or text me to tell me how my foster baby is doing with them. Seeing my former foster kittens in loving happy homes keeps me motivated to keep doing this. Here are a few off my fosters that have been adopted.

My Foster Cats and Kittens that Have Been Adopted!

On January 5th, 2018, my first two foster babies left me. Bert and Zoe were adopted together to a super awesome family! The family does provide me with updates, which I LOVE. I can tell they really love Bert and Zoe. They were the most perfect and ideal family for my fosters! I was also very happy to see brother and sister go together. Just like when they were little, Bert is still looking out for his sister Zoe! Bert is such a good big brother! ❤

I took this photo of Zoe and Bert right before they went to live in their forever home!
Zoe and Bert were on Petfinder for 2-3 days before they were adopted!

The very next day, January 6, 2018, my “darling Clementine” was adopted. She was adopted along with another kitten named Caviar, who was staying with another foster in my group. I sure do miss my beauty queen, but she has an awesome new mommy who is giving Clementine the diva lifestyle she deserves!

My pretty Clementine! Love her ❤ ❤ ❤

Little Mannie Fresh, the tiny kitten I found outside a couple days after Christmas, went from a very hissy spitty feral kitten into a complete love bug in only a few weeks! Mannie was adopted a little over a week ago!

27336218_10215321511695888_4746305974298699656_n (1)
Mannie Fresh – former hissy-spitty kitty!

When I found Mannie Fresh outside, I soon spotted his brother Heavy D. Heavy D turned out to be the friendliest, most affectionate kitten I have fostered so far. He “almost” became a foster fail, but he is going to his new home on Sunday. I will REALLY miss this little guy!

Heavy D – the most loving, cuddly kitten ever!