Farm Kitten random photos

6 foster kittens

Here is one of the first photos I took of the gang.

Abby and Bert chillin'
Here is calico Abby Cadabby hanging out with her brother Bert in a little cat bed I converted from an Ikea doll bed.
Abby Cadabby and doll
Here is Abby Cadabby in her little Ikea bed with her Abby Cadabby doll!
Clementine and Oscar
Sibling love ❤ – Clementine and Oscar
Bert in Dunce hat
Here is Bert modeling a cat “dunce” hat from nosokitty Etsy store.
Abby Cadabby modeling a kitten sweater
Abby wearing a size 2 sweater from
Cuddling Ernie
Having a cuddle with Ernie after some “toothbrush grooming”

kitty collage

The Ernie's
The Ernie’s! Left to right: Ernie, Clementine and Zoe