Check Out My Amazon Wish List for my Foster kitties!

People are always asking me what they can do to help me to continue to helping and fostering homeless and orphaned cats and kittens. A great way to help me would be by purchasing foster supplies from my Amazon Wish List. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on fostering, and will continue to do so. I usually have between 5 and 10 fosters at any time in my house. I pay for everything but medical costs. It’s very costly to feed and care for 10+ cats and kittens.

With Kitten Season quickly approaching, I am trying to prepare to care for my bottle babies. This means more than ever I will need Fancy Feast wet kitten, Royal Canin Mom and Babycat (both wet and dry), and especially lots of KMR kitten formula! KMR is 50% off right now and offered as an “add-on” for Amazon Prime. As KMR never goes on sale, this is an excellent deal!! Thanks for taking a look.

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