It’s been far far too long since I’ve posted . . . chronic pain is killing me!

Although I haven’t posted anything on my blog in over EIGHT months, trust me, my life has been extremely busy with fostering!

Although I haven’t posted anything on my blog in over EIGHT months, trust me, my life has been extremely busy with fostering! I suffer with chronic lower and mid back pain for many years now, but in the past several months things have gotten much worse and I am in an insane amount of pain. I’ve recently been diagnosed with lots of “inflammation” in my body that is most likely a result of an autoimmune disease. As of right now I don’t know which disease I have. I could have more than one!

My pain has stopped me from just about every area in my life, but I refuse to give up fostering or volunteering. It’s far too important for me. Since I’m home most of the time now I’ve been taking on  bottle  babies, which has been challenging but fun. I don’t do much trapping anymore. Physically I can’t go  and sit for hours and hours waiting on traps, or do the walking or climbing that is sometimes required when trapping. I’ve always called myself “the world’s worst trapper” anyhow, although I have been successful trapping a few times. I still have not trapped the kitten machine mama cat that got me into rescue and fostering almost two years ago, but I will save that depressing story for another post. World’s Smartest and Most Trap Savvy Cat lives in my neighborhood!

I’ve gotten very involved with a newer local rescue called Kitty Queen Cat Rescue and Lounge. It’s a  kitty lounge where people can come and hang out with the kitties and they pay by the hour and they host different events. Yoga night sells out, it’s the most popular event at the lounge! I volunteer once a week where I go care for the cats that live at the lounge. I help them with their website and listings on AdoptAPet, and I also foster for them. Here is their Facebook: . I am still fostering for the Beaver County Humane Society also!

Here are two of my current fosters, Gabby and Hercules. Gabby is the female grey kitten and Hercules is the black male kitten. I got both of them separately but very young. Both orphans and only about 3 weeks old, they were “bottle babies”. Now they are close to four months old and were just spayed and neutered a few days ago. The time for “goodbye” sadly is coming very very soon for these sweet babies!

Bottle baby fosters Hercules and Gabby ❤

That’s Not a Ramen Noodle . . . that is a ROUNDWORM!

After I took  six of my foster kittens to the vet for their first checkup, they were given a dose of dewormer with a second dose that I would give them at home in 14 days. The vet was very concerned about how thin the Countess was, and that she has little muscle mass in her back and you could feel the bones in her spine! I didn’t understand why when she was eating so much she was so thin and frail. She gave her a dose of dewormer, and I also followed up at home with a second dewormer. I had no knowledge about any kind of worm parasites so I didn’t know what to expect. Within a few days I found this in the litter box – a dead roundworm! I found a couple more in the next few days also. Although disgusting, this is good news. These nasty parasites live in cats bellies and intestines. Seeing them dead in the litter box means that they are no longer living inside the Countess!

roundworm photo
I found this in the Countess and Julia’s litter box – a dead roundworm!