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With Kitten Season quickly approaching, I am trying to prepare to care for my bottle babies. This means more than ever I will need Fancy Feast wet kitten, Royal Canin Mom and Babycat (both wet and dry), and especially lots of KMR kitten formula! KMR is 50% off right now and offered as an “add-on” for Amazon Prime. As KMR never goes on sale, this is an excellent deal!! Thanks for taking a look.

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Fostering a Seal Point Kitten

A neighbor contacted me about some kittens he has been feeding. I am attempting to trap them all, socialize and vet them, and get them adopted. Mom of course will be TNRed.

So far I have three of the kittens, who for the most part are very hissy-spitty. The only one that seems to be coming around is this seal point kitten that I named Peanut Butter. He’s very chubby and cute, and seems to want to speak to me in Meow-meow language. Here’s a video clip of a conversation I had with Peanut Butter.

More about Little Orphan Winnie

I posted that I had another foster named Winnie. This is her! I found her out in the cold and rain on my deck last August. Winnie was born to a local feral cat that I feed and provide shelter for. I have also been trying to trap Winnie’s mom since last July! Now we are in February, and I still haven’t trapped her, but I’m still trying!

Winnie was the only kitten I was able to find, so I believe Winnie is the only surviving kitten of the litter. We have hawks in the area and then have been seen swooping down and picking up kittens by my neighbors! 😦 Winnie bonded so much with my 8 year old tabby cat Henrietta that I adopted Winnie! Here are some of her photos below.



Winnie Loving Henrietta!
Little Orphan Winnie really bonded with my 18 pound chub Henrietta!

Winnie chillaxin Snuggle Kitty
Winnie had not one but TWO Snuggle Kitties to keep her company while she was in quarantine!

winnie twinning
Winnie has some BIG BUG eyes, similar to my Halloween kitty decoration!

Winnie and Henrietta heart bed
Winnie and Henrietta having a nap ❤

My Current and Former Foster Kittens

This page will be to post the foster kittens I am currently caring for.


Ernie is about 8 months old. He is one of my original Smock foster kittens. Ernie tends to be shy, which is why he is still with me. I’ve been working with him and he’s really coming out of his shell. He doesn’t hide at all anymore and interacts with all the cats and kittens. I am still confused by Ernie! He will follow me  around the house and he always paws at my feet and ankles, like he is trying to get my attention. If I stop and say “Hi Ernie!”, he takes off! Ernie’s favorite things to do is to take naps on the Ikea kitty beds, playing with toys and the other kittens. His favorite toys are a fake kitten named Comet that is battery operated and runs around, and he loves this stupid Halloween skull. He knows how to press the button and a black snake pops out of the skull and says different sayings. Ernie also LOVES to kick cat litter, so I have litter boxes that are covered or have high sides with him!

When Ernie was a tiny kitten, he developed a condition called “cloudy eye” that resulted from an injury to his eye surface. He was treated with antibiotics for several weeks. His left eye still looks like it has a little “cloud” or film in front of it, but it doesn’t affect his vision and it doesn’t hurt him at all. It may go away on its own with time. Ernie has been neutered, treated for worms and fleas, microchipped, is FIV/FeLV negative, and has been vaccinated for rabies and FVRCP.

UPDATE: Ernie was adopted, along with two other male cats all from Pittsburgh CAT. I personally took Ernie to his new home and met his new family, and I couldn’t be happier! Ernie is loved very much and is going to have an awesome life with his two furry brothers!



Julia is about 7 months old. She is one of my original Smock foster kittens. Julia was one of my smallest fosters, so she used to be shy, but now that she’s getting a little older she’s really opened up and has become quite the little cuddle bug!  Julia likes to cuddle up in bed with me and likes to get her belly rubbed! Her favorite thing to do is to pop catnip bubbles with the tip of her nose.

Julia closeup
Pretty girl Julia is ready for her forever home!

Julia is currently listed for adoption on PetFinder. Here is the link:

UPDATE: Julia was adopted! A very nice woman adopted Julia. This woman already had one older female cat, and she let me know a few weeks after the adoption that Julia settled in perfectly and gets along great with her new sister. Yay for Julia!!!

Where I’ve been . . .

I haven’t posted in a while as I have been dealing with a foster mom’s nightmare – ringworm!!! I think I am finally at the end of this. Will know soon after retesting. I’ve been spending most of my time cleaning the foster room, sanitizing with bleach and sulfur dipping the kittens. Ringworm SUCKS!

Even with ringworm, I still have lots of fun with my fosters. We can play even when they have to be crated. Catnip bubbles are great for those times! I have some video of the kittens popping bubbles with their noses that I need to upload. It’s super cute!

Other big news is I picked up another foster. I really did “pick her up”, right off of my deck! I found her outside in the rain and cold. I took her in with plans to foster her, but she has become my first “foster fail” as she has bonded with my adult cat Henrietta. More to come and lots of cute pictures of Winnie and Henrietta!

Winnies first photo
Meet little orphan Winnie!


Little Ernie and his “Cloudy Eye”

I noticed last week that little Ernie’s eye didn’t look right. His one eye looked cloudy and blue.

Poor Ernie has “cloudy eye” and had to see the vet.

He didn’t have any discharge coming from his eye like he would with a upper respitory infection, but I knew there was a problem. I took him out to the clinic I volunteer with and Ernie saw the vet. He did have a condition they call “cloudy eye”, and he was prescribed antibiotics. Here is a good link I found with information on “cloudy eye” Cloudy eye in Cats.

Taking Ernie to the vet and giving him his medication has been a challenge since Ernie is still a little hissy with me. Ernie and his brother Bert were the first two kittens I got from my group of seven Smock barn kittens. Ernie has always been fearful of humans and likes to hide behind his outgoing brother Bert. The poor little guy did not enjoy the car ride to the vet, or the attention and love he was given at the clinic when several of the volunteers held and cuddled him. Ernie is a hisser! He will hiss but he won’t swat at or try to scratch you, so once you pick him up he is fine, but he does tense up in fear.

After putting the antibiotic in Ernie’s eye, I decided to use my “toothbrush grooming” method on Ernie. As you can see in this video, Ernie really enjoyed it! I was hoping this meant Ernie would finally stop hissing at me, but not five minutes after I finished this video and put Ernie down, when I attempted to pet him inside the kitty playpen, Ernie hissed at me again! I’ll just have to keep working with Ernie until he gets over his fear of humans.