That’s Not a Ramen Noodle . . . that is a ROUNDWORM!

After I took  six of my foster kittens to the vet for their first checkup, they were given a dose of dewormer with a second dose that I would give them at home in 14 days. The vet was very concerned about how thin the Countess was, and that she has little muscle mass in her back and you could feel the bones in her spine! I didn’t understand why when she was eating so much she was so thin and frail. She gave her a dose of dewormer, and I also followed up at home with a second dewormer. I had no knowledge about any kind of worm parasites so I didn’t know what to expect. Within a few days I found this in the litter box – a dead roundworm! I found a couple more in the next few days also. Although disgusting, this is good news. These nasty parasites live in cats bellies and intestines. Seeing them dead in the litter box means that they are no longer living inside the Countess!

roundworm photo
I found this in the Countess and Julia’s litter box – a dead roundworm!

Author: fosteringferalkittens

I am a volunteer for a couple animal rescues and I foster kittens in the Pittsburgh area. I also assist on an "as needed" basis with TNR to help the feral cats in the area. I am also a CPP (chronic pain patient) suffering with back pain, disk degenerative disease, sciatica, osteoarthritis, and an autoimmune disease - taking care of foster kittens is my THERAPY!

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