Little Ernie and his “Cloudy Eye”

I noticed last week that little Ernie’s eye didn’t look right. His one eye looked cloudy and blue.

Poor Ernie has “cloudy eye” and had to see the vet.

He didn’t have any discharge coming from his eye like he would with a upper respitory infection, but I knew there was a problem. I took him out to the clinic I volunteer with and Ernie saw the vet. He did have a condition they call “cloudy eye”, and he was prescribed antibiotics. Here is a good link I found with information on “cloudy eye” Cloudy eye in Cats.

Taking Ernie to the vet and giving him his medication has been a challenge since Ernie is still a little hissy with me. Ernie and his brother Bert were the first two kittens I got from my group of seven Smock barn kittens. Ernie has always been fearful of humans and likes to hide behind his outgoing brother Bert. The poor little guy did not enjoy the car ride to the vet, or the attention and love he was given at the clinic when several of the volunteers held and cuddled him. Ernie is a hisser! He will hiss but he won’t swat at or try to scratch you, so once you pick him up he is fine, but he does tense up in fear.

After putting the antibiotic in Ernie’s eye, I decided to use my “toothbrush grooming” method on Ernie. As you can see in this video, Ernie really enjoyed it! I was hoping this meant Ernie would finally stop hissing at me, but not five minutes after I finished this video and put Ernie down, when I attempted to pet him inside the kitty playpen, Ernie hissed at me again! I’ll just have to keep working with Ernie until he gets over his fear of humans.

Author: fosteringferalkittens

I am a volunteer for a couple animal rescues and I foster kittens in the Pittsburgh area. I also assist on an "as needed" basis with TNR to help the feral cats in the area. I am also a CPP (chronic pain patient) suffering with back pain, disk degenerative disease, sciatica, osteoarthritis, and an autoimmune disease - taking care of foster kittens is my THERAPY!

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