I could watch these guys play ALL day long . . .

Watching kittens play is very entertaining. I love their little different personalities, and I am very happy when I see my once hissy spitty foster kittens coming around and turning into the loveable, playful kittens they were meant to be!

Here is a cute video I recorded today of Bert, Abby Cadabby and Oscar! Bert is giving his sister Abby Cadabby some cuddles and neck biting on the Ikea bed when Oscar sneaks in and jacks their pillow! Abby Cadabby is not too happy about this!

Author: fosteringferalkittens

I am a volunteer for a couple animal rescues and I foster kittens in the Pittsburgh area. I also assist on an "as needed" basis with TNR to help the feral cats in the area. I am also a CPP (chronic pain patient) suffering with back pain, disk degenerative disease, sciatica, osteoarthritis, and an autoimmune disease - taking care of foster kittens is my THERAPY!

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